I Love.

We’re starting to get stronger.

My whole family.

Yesterday, after walking to get lasagna noodles, of all things, and then carrying my baby through our woods like she was a 28-pound kettle bell, I could feel the change in our household’s energy.

When I dance now, I’m genuinely dancing.

When Matt laughs, he genuinely laughs.

Bailey has always been genuinely smiling and laughing and dancing. That’s one of the things that makes her so special.

I hope I can be the mom she deserves.

Yesterday, while I was carrying her through the woods, she said “I love Doc.”

Doc is our dog.

I saw an opportunity and I seized it.

“I love Bailey,” I said. I meant it, so much, but I also had hope for what might come next.

Sure enough, she uttered those three most precious words: “I love mama.”

My heart swelled, and I felt so lucky that I had purposely left my phone behind so I could be fully present and engaged with her in this moment.

Of course, then she continued to shout, “I love Bailey, I love Bailey!” to herself.

She is my daughter after all.

She has a healthy ego, but also so much love to give the world.

I’m so grateful for her, and for whatever comes next.

Thanks for reading,


57 miles down, 43 to go