Postpartum Psychosisterhood

Welcome to the Postpartum Psychosisterhood

I am a survivor of postpartum psychosis (and a lover of puns). I am walking in solidarity with others who have experienced postpartum and perinatal difficulties.

About Me

My Story

I never knew I suffered from bipolar until giving birth at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic launched me into a manic/psychotic episode and I was hospitalized for five days. Due to COVID, I was not allowed to visit with my daughter, who was two weeks old at the time, or anyone else.

To raise funds and awareness for postpartum psychosis, I am walking.

I’ll be walking some miles alone, and reflecting about my journey with my mental health and the adventures of new motherhood.

I’ll be walking some miles with others to hear their stories about their own journeys, similar and different.

I’ll be blogging about my walks to reflect on my reflections, like the meta-mama I am.

How to Get Involved

Click the button below to visit my fundraising page for Action on Postpartum Psychosis: a UK-based support network for women who have experienced postpartum psychosis.

Walk with Me

Whether it’s in-person or over the phone, I’d love to talk to you while I walk and hear more about your stories related to the perinatal/postpartum time and/or your mental health journeys. (Or we can just chat about our dogs).

Read About my Walks

Follow along on my blog as I document the walks I take, the people who join me, the topics of our conversations, and helpful resources that are connected to those topics.

Finding Certainty

I should have learned by now not to jinx things. That if I talked about how smoothly ECT was going some force somewhere would laugh in my face for acting so certain, so confident, that things were working out. Because the very next night after my first treatment I started to feel feverish, with chills…

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Seizing the Day

The hardest part of today was getting in the elevator. ECT is administered in the same building where I was hospitalized during my first manic episode. As I pressed the down button, I could faintly see a group gathering in the cafeteria down the hall, getting ready to eat their breakfast. I remembered the first…

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Easy as ECT

After a long absence from this blog, I came back to keep a record of the next chapter of my story: I’m starting ECT tomorrow. ECT, which stands for electroconvulsive therapy, is the new branding of shock therapy. It is, however, much more targeted than the old days (as my doctor said, it’s now more…

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